Natalie Zee Brush

I wanted to introduce all of you to the newest addition to my family. This is Natalie and she is my first grand baby. I absolutely love being a grandma and wish that I could spend more time with her. She lives about an hour away so I take a trip once a week to see her. She was born September 28, 2009. I hope you think she is as cute as we do.



She is a total Sweetheart Sherry!
I've just had my first grandaughter! After four grandsons, I was beginning to think I'd never have one. Aren't they the cutest!
Viv xx

Nataliya`s crafts

She is sooo beautiful.

KathyJ Peachy Keen Stamps

Congratulations, Sherry!! Being a grandma is THE BEST!! I am so very happy for you to have such a joyous addition!! :) Hugs to you! Kathy

KathyJ Peachy Keen Stamps

AND... she is just PRECIOUS!! :)KathyJ